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Discussion 4 to Meditation 334
The Jewish origin is clear, but...

by Maarten van den Driest

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The various doctrines around the concept of being saved by Jesus are rather complex and, moreover, various.

I suggest this is not really the best subject to discuss on this site.

It does indeed seem that Jesus was a Jew trying to get his own faith onto another track. The Gentiles got in on the action somewhere in the Paulinic discussion. However, there is at least one story where Jesus saves a non-Jewish person, a woman in fact. I don't have the reference at hand.

The Jewish origin is, of course, clear and it would serve Christians well to remember that. On the other hand, there would be no following of Jesus for anyone outside of the Jewish people without Christianity and belief in Jesus' preaching was banned by the Jewish community quite early on. Some theorists hold that this is the primary reason for the rather unfriendly, anti-Jewish atmosphere in some New Testament writings.