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Discussion 1 to Meditation 333
The allegory does not break down

by Hugo

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The traditional Faust story does not break down as an allegory, because Faust always had the opportunity to repent. A more amusing notion is in "The Monk" by Matthew Lewis, where Abbot Ambrosio sells his soul to the devil and plans to repent later on, always after enjoying a few more days. The dæmon, however, knows that Ambrosio is about to repent, and takes his soul before he has a chance to.

"Believe you that your secret thoughts escaped me? No, no, I read them all! You trusted that you should still have time for repentance. I saw your artifice, knew its falsity, and rejoiced in deceiving the deceiver!"

Faust, Faustus and The Monk provide no evidence for or against religious and theological matters. In the same way that an entirely fictional account of a patient's sessions with a psychoanalyst would provide no evidence for or against the validity of the psychoanalyst's branch of psychoanalysis (e.g. Freudian, Jungian), these stories provide no useful information about religion or theology whatsoever.

The exception would be stories in the Bible. Inconsistencies pointed out in them do serve to prove that the Bible is not divinely inspired. And they do provide a source of amusement: For example, 2 Kings 2:23-24, where God kills 42 people just for calling Elijah "bald-head". And Proverbs 16:4, where it is revealed that God made evil people just so he could judge them.

I've noticed that many recent articles have been missing the main issue. This is probably because theology does not need to be a large area. The main issue is that there are no reasons to believe in god, and therefore the existence of god is as reasonable and likely as the existence of fairies, or, say, invisible pink unicorns. Many of the recent meditations have missed this point. More on the bad consequences of religion and its intrusion into our lives is necessary, methinks.

Similarly, we seem to be getting lots of articles from Christians in "Talk Back" giving the same old falsehoods about evolution, which have already been dealt with on this site. Like Leonso Canales and his "heaveno" nonsense, we shouldn't keep publishing these articles unless they have anything new to say.