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Discussion 6 to Meditation 299
Every time you see an IPU...

by Bernardo Arroyo

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IPUs are used by atheists to show agnostics that imaginary characters whose existence can neither be proved nor disproved, simply do not exist. There is no need to be agnostic about them. In other words, god and the IPU are both figments of human imagination. No matter how many people believe or how many centuries of history the belief has, they are still mere characters by a creative human intellect.

I agree with the argument for equivalent imaginary characters. But I personally find one big difference between IPUs and god.

The difference is that there is absolutely no reason to think that there is an IPU in some place or other. An IPU leaves no traces, no evidence, no tracks or smells or symptoms of interaction of any kind with our environment. On the other hand, if god exists, he left the universe as evidence of his actions. As an agnostic I admit that I don't know if there is need for a cause for the universe other than the natural ones. Therefore I can't be certain if god is necessary or not. This transfers the issue to an argument about the origin of the universe. Scientists have made a lot of progress in that area, but so far, not enough to completely answer the question. In my agnosticism, I think that scientists will never be able to solve this doubt, because no matter how far they can go in their explanations, no matter how many more natural causes for the causes of the causes they can find; a believer will always be able to say: yes but all this mechanism was set in motion and regulated by god. And that is the real question. Not what caused the big bang or why atoms are this size and not bigger or smaller. But if someone somehow started it all by will and not by natural succession of causes and effects. Unless someone can demonstrate that the chain of natural succession of causes is limited in number (and that hasn't happened yet, or I was not paying attention), the doubt will remain. And even then, because if the number is limited, then does it come naturally that there is a first cause (or a circular chain)? or was god the originator of this whole system? Since we can't possibly know what science is going to discover in the future, agnosticism, seems to me, the only position completely defendable by pure logic and reason.