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Discussion 1 to Meditation 288
Of course "HE does not exist" for us.

by Julie DiMauro

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In your reply to Meditation 288, you do not in fact state what this supposed "truth" concerning the nature of same-sex relations -- not "homosexuality," mind you, since, as a reading of Foucault will show, concepts of sexual orientation are historically new and not applicable to notions of sex prior to the late 1800s--is.

Your contribution to Debate and Discourse, while I am sure was fueled by some strong feelings, is entirely incoherent. Not only is your abundant use of the caps lock key both ungrammatical and amusingly juvenile, but you have failed to form any sort of argument against the Meditation.

Of course "HE does not exist" for us. You've caught onto that, at least. Bravo. Your assertion that, "Science is GOD's truth about this physical world we find ourselves dwelling in at this moment," does not have me believing for even one moment that science is somehow a divine expression of truth. Where does one draw that connection? Yes, we can draw conclusions about the world around us, based on empirical evidence, but I fail to see how divinity necessarily comes into the matter. Your mere saying so is not proof. Nor is the bible's saying so, or anyone else's. It means nothing at all.

Finally, your implications of standing on dangerous ground mean nothing to individuals who do not believe in divine punishment.