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Discussion 9 to Meditation 282
Last word? I doubt it.

by Thomas

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Last word? I doubt it.

Instead of analyzing you simply ignore and press the pink envelope.

I shall apply your ad hominem(s) to you. You arguments are “miserably” “stupid”, “unconvincing”, “illogical”, “incorrect” and “I regret I was too subtle for you.”

. . . or not using your words . . .

The analogy is not what you think it is – nor what you’ve addressed.

a.) Knocking over a pink-strawman proves nothing; posing a non-pink strawman proves nothing.

b.) All details attributed to this myriad array of possibilities and assumptions within a god-question are un-provable; untenable and more likely absurd. (Especially an undetectable invisible transcendent nature; non-pink of course).

c.) An arguments for any (all) mythical gods are strawman arguments.

d.) The pink bunny does not prove mythical god; or gods do not exist; but that arguments for such are analogous to pure futility and absurdity.

e.) Believe whatever you want – and that – does not equate to existence of it.

If you’re trying to change the definition of god here – please tell me? It appears to me you simply think up something in your head – and if you can think of it – then it’s true; a pure ontological oxymoronic grammar imagination falsehood; non-pink of course.