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Discussion 2 to Meditation 272
Who gets to decide which verses are fact?

by Jason Rogers

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If the bible is supposed to be inspired by god and every word is supposed to be true, how can Jim's statement "So, to expect John to foresee the far reaching future effects of the Gutenberg press would be like expecting him to see every 20th century household with [insert household items here]... The limiting factor of John’s statement ..." be accurate? Is it John writing or is it god writing through John?

Is Jim saying that god could not have forseen the printing press or cars or any other such thing?

Or is this just another case where select verses in the bible are open to interpretation because they don't make sense while the rest of the bible is considered solid concrete fact?

Who gets to decide which verses are fact and which are exaggerations used to appeal to "contemporaries in his culture"?