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Discussion 7 to Meditation 268

by JT

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As I mentioned in the Meditation 268, Luke gives 28 generations from David to Joseph, Luke gives 43.

Using the smaller number, Joseph potentially had over 26 million ancestors in David's generation, and going by the larger number, Joseph potentially had an astonishing (and impossible) 8.8 billion ancestors in that generation. Of course, due to intermarriage among the various branches of the family, the true number regardless of which genealogy was used would have been much smaller.

However, it is almost certain that, if the genealogical information were available, every Jew living around 4 BC could trace his or her ancestry back to David, about a thousand years earlier.*

Essentially, the questionable "proof" of Matthew's and Luke's genealogies that Jesus descended from David is meaningless; practically all Jews of his generation would have been descended from David.



* According to the usual chronology, David was born in 1085 and reigned from 1055 to 1015 B.C. Recent writers have been induced by the Assyrian inscriptions to date his reign from 30 to 50 years later. - online Catholic Encyclopedia