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Discussion 6 to Meditation 268
Re: A Bible Genealogy Challenge

by Solon Kazos

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For some basic bible genealogy, it should be noted that Solomon is not related to Jesus. The kingdom had been taken from him. Jeconiah is childless and that is where the Solomon line ends. See Jeremiah for the end of the kingdom of Judah. The genealogy in Mattew. is all about the passing of the crown of Judah/ Israel. Jeconiah most likely would have been castrated by the Babylonians and all children killed by them also. That is why Jeremiah says write this man is childless.

So Luke has it very correct saying Neri is the father of Shealtiel. Neri is a kinsman redeemer for the royal family. Biologically he is Shealtiel's father and as for passing the royal crown Shealtiel becomes next in line to be the king. Of course there is no longer a kingdom seeing they are all captive in Babylon at the time.

From Shealtiel and Zerubbabel the two people who are in both accounts (Matthew and Luke) the genealogy splits with Zerubbabel's two sons. One son takes the royal crown and the other is the father of Joseph, account in Luke. Matthew would then be the genealogy of Mary and the crown succession. Mary's father did not have a son and Joseph a son of David was the kinsman redeemer to give a succession for the crown. in becoming a kinsman redeemer Joseph would be called the son of both men, as is stated in both accounts.

This is also why Jesus is related to David no matter how it is sliced. It is also why he was born king of the Jews. I left out all references and bible address; it should be easy enough to follow for this simple discussion.