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Discussion 3 to Meditation 268
Re: A Bible Genealogy Challenge

by Douglas Neal

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Looking through some of the older Meditations I found 268 and its challenge seemed like it might be interesting to solve.

I'm not sure if I qualify since I don't believe the bible is literally true. But I do like a challenge. So I will give it a shot and hopefully settle this question that has been used against true believers for quite some time.

Warning: Contains semi-humorous ideas in relation to religion. Christian fundamentalists should read no further as this may lead to actual thought.

Now I know this is going to sound far-fetched but there is a multiple universe theory and it does offer a possible explanation which would allow both genealogies to be true.

Here is one logical explanation for the different lineages of Jesus. Multiple universes. Think about it, if you're God, would you be content to create just one universe? Why not make millions of them and sit back and see what happens.

So here we have Matthew asking God about Jesus' lineage, remember the Bible is a divine document so surely he didn't just make it up. So God hands down the family tree from on high and all is well.

Next comes Luke who also wants to include the family tree in his writings. Well God is busy, he's in the middle of the creation of let's say universe number 8,376,953. Things are running a bit behind schedule and He gets His universes a little mixed up. So Luke gets a different list of who begat who.

Nothing more than a simple case of Divine confusion.

As to the second part of the challenge. Its really quite simple. Just in case the virgin birth thing didn't sell too well there is always the descended from kings and prophets thing to fall back on.