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Discussion 1 to Meditation 268
Re: A Bible Genealogy Challenge

by Rowland Henry Webb

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This is an attempt to respond to the challenge of Meditation 268, the genealogy one.

This is not my suggestion originally, but I don't own the book I read it in, so I can't reference it.

The suggestion is that the Luke genealogy is actually that of Mary, Jesus' mother. The wording, in my translation (NASB), is "being, as it was being thought, the son of Joseph, of Eli, of Matthat" etc.

This wording allows that Eli was Jesus' maternal grandfather, while Jacob was his paternal grandfather. Each "of" refers back to Jesus. This also solves the difference in numbers of generations back to David.

I don't know why Matthew did the genealogy of Joseph, except that the 14's come out nicely, and Joseph was Jesus' legal father.