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Discussion 1 to Meditation 262
Only 'one' way that prayer works

by: Dawn Wessel (website)

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According to the Bible there is only 'one' way that prayer works: you must pray with the 'mind of God'.

You might think God is setting unrealistic limits on human beings but think this way, we don't know everything about a situation or person and 'only when we do, can we pray correctly'.

It's a safety net if you will. For instance, if you prayed that God would cause a truck to run over the neighbor's cat but the cat really didn't pee in your flower box, it was someone else's cat - then you'd feel really bad once you found out the facts.

Apparently Pat Robertson was 'not' praying with God's mind. It seems Mr. Robertson doesn't understand that the supreme court consists of people who are not acting for their own betterment, but on the behalf of 'all' people. They're decisions must be based in a generic sense to be fair for all.

God is a 'spirit' and human beings also possess a 'supernatural spirit' (otherworldly, aura) - we communicate with him via this avenue. You haven't been able to gauge the affects of prayer because you might not have realized how a connection is established with God.

Whe a connection is established it is akin to electricity flowing through the body - but not always - but you will definitely know when you connect.