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Discussion 2 to Meditation 255
Please identify the specific errors, Mr. Huckstep

by John Tyrrell

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I have to confess to being astounded at Mr. Huckstep's effrontery. Apparently I am ignorant and uninformed about what happened in my own life. Apparently I am ignorant and uninformed about the discussions I have had with numerous Mormon missionaries. Mr. Huckstep somehow knows better about what was said than the one person who was actually present at all the discussions.

His response illustrates exactly the arrogant attitude of the Mormon missionaries who have come to my door. They know better because they are Mormons. Or at least they think they know better. They are just unaware of the depths of their lack of knowledge.

Mr. Huckstep, please write back* and identify the specific errors in Meditation 255. Support your claims with evidence. You are invited to prove that the missionaries who have come to my door over the years were indeed capable of answering questions about the origins of their religion, were able to prove the existence of a god, and were able to provide convincing proof of the validity of the Book of Mormon.

Until you do that, my original statement stands.

After about 25 visits in the past ten years, I will say they extremely ill-prepared to act as missionaries. Their knowledge of their own religion is rudimentary. They have no ability to deal with challenges to the details of their faith, other than refer to the Book of Mormon. They seem totally ignorant of the detailed account of the origin of the Book of Mormon, to the extent I have had it denied to my face, even though the origin is official LDS doctrine.

Mr. Huckstep, back up your claims. Your reply will be published exactly as you write it. If you cannot respond, you are no different than those Mormon missionaries who came to my door selling their flawed doctrine.



* Mr. Huckstep did write back promptly with a promise to provide a detailed response for publication addressing the issues I raised. As of writing this footnote in May 2011, I am still waiting for that reply. It will be published, as promised, when and if it arrives. No-one's holding their breath on this.