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Discussion 5 to Meditation 249
The $250 DeLucchi Memorial Challenge

by JT

To add to this discussion (or any other,) please use the Contact form. This discussion has been continued.

I was recently asked why I continue to publish Anthony DeLucchi's writings on this site. My response, in part, was that on occasion he gives me an opportunity to make a point. And he has done so again. Not a new point in this case, but an opportunity to reinforce the point made a little over three years ago in Meditation 38. There is no evidence for the existence of Christ dating from the time he is supposed to have lived.

Mr. DeLucchi seems to be under the mistaken impression that such evidence exists. Perhaps footnote 1 to Meditation 38 applies to him also:

"I don't think my correspondent deliberately lied when he claimed documentary evidence existed. He sincerely believed it, having heard it from a Sunday School teacher, or from his Pastor in a sermon, or some other "credible" source. It's just one of those factoids, that if repeated often enough within a community becomes generally accepted truth."

There is much in his most recent comments to take issue with (and others are welcome to do so), but I will limit myself to just one[1] of the astonishing claims by Mr. DeLucchi;

...the records of the Roman Governer [sic] Pontius Pilate relate to his [Jesus's] trial and the effect it had on the future of Pilate.

Has Mr. DeLucchi made a discovery unknown to Christian scholars for the past two millennia? Where are these previously unknown records? What is their provenance? Why has their existence not been reported previously?

Unlike my previous challenges which merely offered an IUN degree as a reward for success, I hereby offer $250 (Canadian dollars, currently about $200 US[2]) to Mr. DeLucchi if he can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the specific records of Pontius Pilate he refers to exist. If Mr. DeLucchi achieves a partial success of finding the records of Pilate relating solely to Jesus's trial, without mentioning the effect on Pilate's future, then a partial reward of $100 (Canadian) will be provided.

Act fast Mr. DeLucchi- my current life expectancy is less than 20 years, and when I die, so does this challenge. You have a lot of work to do and not much time if you hope to succeed. You made the claim. Put up - or shut up. Or at minimum, admit you are wrong.

Mr. DeLucchi, your opening phrase "....the old, old mistruths, conjectures and misdirections" was so very apt. However, it was applicable to your own words, not as you intended them to be applicable to the book, "The Jesus Mysteries."



  1. I have to admit I am tempted to challenge him on the "unknown Portuguese fisherman off the island of Madiera [sic]" who apparently lived in Christ's time, raising the question of how he could be Portuguese over 1100 years before his country existed. Not to mention how, if he is unknown, he is known to have lived in Christ's time.
  2. Thanks to the vagaries of exchange rates, as of May 2011, this offer is now equivalent to about $260 US - and still, there has been not a single taker. Still no takers as of August 2015. One wonders why. ;-)