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Discussion 4 to Meditation 249
The old, old mistruths, conjectures and misdirections.

By Anthony DeLucchi

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....the old, old mistruths, conjectures and misdirections.

Dionysis, Osirisis, Vishnu, Mannunoah, Buddah etc you name it and you can trace a religion to it. The conspiracy theories, the entire web of utter nonsense has a home on the world wide web.

For every one Christian detractor there is one theory to support the detractor's choice and arm him with a reason to disbelieve..

I could run on about the historical fact that this Jesus existed, not only from the Christian perspective, but the Jews acknowledge he existed, he was first and foremost a Jew, the records of the Roman Governer Pontius Pilate relate to his trial and the effect it had on the future of Pilate. Everyone around Jesus, lived, Herod, Augustus Caesar etc even an unknown Portuguese fisherman off the island of Madiera.

Now what is the purpose of the misinformation? It is to discredit Jesus himself, because if you can do this you break the very reason for professing Christianity.

Now I am not doubting the honesty behind anyone’s search for their own truth, but it defies any reasonable argument why one would so easily and quickly be fooled into accepting such cleverly disguised misinformation. Their are many parallels to various religion beliefs. Lets put it this way, a Volkswagen has the same type of engine, an internal combustion engine, as a Mercedes, but a VW is not a Mercedes. I mean they are both German cars, they were both designed by Germans.

I am familar with the Egyptian gods and the book of the dead, and the book of the First Times and yes, I will admit there are similarities so are there parallels in the ancient Sumerian texts. The ancient Hindu texts which pre-date much of the above also have very similar tales.

Lets stick to the basic truth, Jesus was born aprox. 4 BC, he lived and was crucified round about 30 AD, and he was known by more than the 12 who were his apostles, Jesus did not start a religion, the religion already existed, it was already thousands of years old. It might have been a Hebrew religion but it affected not only the Hebrews it was widespread in one form or the other over the Middle eastern theatre. The advent of Jesus, whether you wish to believe it or not, did fulfill many prophesies, expectant prophecies. As today we are aware of events which seem to have been “foretold”. I am not clutching at half-truths here. Sober minded astromoners and geologists have given warning of tumultous earth movements and unstable geographical conditions over the next couple of years, Because of the gravitational influence of Jupiter and Saturn on the Sun and conversely upon Earth and other smaller bodies in our galaxy. Recently a massive iceberg broke off Antartica and a series of tremors and minor earthquakes resulted in a collision with another glacier. Imagine a piece of ice the size of the state of Maine colliding into a a continent. Fair enough prophecies seem to be worded in such a fashion that it could be describing any event at any time anywhere.

To simplfy, I could or could not be the father of my children and as history would show, at some far date in the future someone in my future lineage wished to cast doubt on the parentage of my offspring and there be no DNA testing having taken place, they could say just about anything.

Okay I do tend to digress, but this is just the way I speak. I might have mentioned before I am not an author nor trained in any discipline nor do I attempt to portray this. Back to the discussion. The fact that there are parallels does not disprove Christianity it more than likely strenghthens its claims. I mean if you approach this with the fact that Jesus actually existed, and fulfilled many expectations of the religiously minded peoples then you can see why so many people/nations readily accepted this. In hindsight look at the world of 30 AD, the Roman Empire stretched from Scotland, northern Europe from the Rhineland, through to the former Grecian areas, the Bosphorus, Persia minor, North Africa and in these occupied areas Pax Roman reigned, the movement of people was relatively freer than at any other time in the history of these areas. Was this not an Ideal time for the word of God to be spread to the very peoples who would later in history occupy the entire world. To be more precise only during the era of the Roman Empire did the known world ever experience peace over an extended period, almost 200 years was basically war free. Another interesting point is Constantine, the Macedonian Emporer of Rome who defeated his oppenents, unified Rome under one Emporer extended the Empire to its furthest boundaries and made Christianity the religion of choice of the Empire, actually was the architect of Rome’s eventual decline. He moved his capital to Constantinople, he alienated Rome from the Empire. By now the seeds of Christianity had been planted, the need for the Greater Roman Empire was not neccessary, so it fell into decline. The eastern Empire, the Bazyntine eventually also fell after stumbling a few centuries. But by now new forces were being born, new imperialists were been cultured and the rest is history. So if you still wish to think that Christianity is just a copy-cat religion from seemingly obscure sources of the past, just remember some of these religions of which you speak predate the biblical flood, which goes further to show that all these religions come from the same source.

Now I would expect the intellegensia of this site to shoot me down, all I can say is go ahead, fire all of your guns and watch them explode into space. I always wanted to say that ever since I first heard Steppenwolfe sing it, born to be wild. Actually sometimes I do know what I am talking about.