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Discussion 8 to Meditation 233
One in a million

by: JT

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Kayla wrote asking:

I have been curious about what religion I belong to ever since my friend started questioning my religious beliefs. I don't believe there is one universal god I believe there are several, I don't believe Jesus was the son of god but I do believe in the Virgin Mary, I also believe in reincarnation. I am just not sure what religion fits me.

I don't know what religion fits Kayla either. This, again, is why I wrote Meditation 233, and the Church of Popeye is available for all those who do not know their religion.

I must admit that I have never heard of anyone who denies the divinity of Jesus while at the same time believing in the Virgin Mary. It is a combination that astounds me considering that parthogenetic birth can biologically only result in female offspring.

There may with others with this combination of beliefs, but I suspect they are rare. Kayla is perhaps one in a million, and One In A Million might be an appropriate label for her particular religion.