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Discussion 4 to Meditation 233
Our Earth is our Creator

by: Trevor

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I have recently had a very hard time finding my "religion." I know what I believe in but I am not sure if there is a certain religion that is me.

I believe that our Earth is our Creator,through time and evolution, I believe that we are all brothers and sisters of the same Earth,

If you look at history there are cavemen, nomads, dinosaurs, there is proof of all these things. I can not make myself believe there is an almighty god above us watching. If it is so that God created Adam and Eve, two white humans in Gods image, how did African Americans come? Hispanics? Even I am Native American; does this mean I am not in God's image, am I not a brother of Adam?

I just can't believe in a certain God, or in spirits, none of this is me, I believe the Creator is Earth/evolution of beings.

Do you have any idea if this matches any description or beliefs of a certain religion?

thank you,
peace. love. harmony