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Discussion 2 to Meditation 233
Identifying Your Religion

by Anthony Delucchi

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Re: Discussion to Meditation 233

I want to know what religion I am. I don't believe in heaven and hell. I believe in reincarnation or something similar. I also think that the spirits and ghosts are all around us. I think that the world is all a balance and I'm also interested in wicca. What religion am I?
An email message dated 9 January 2005

In direct response from my obvious reactionary nature, you do not believe in heaven or hell, but the rest of the stuff is okay? and you are interested in Wicca?

Some say wicca is a pagan belief, but pagan just means rural or idol worshipper, superstition etc and what is wicca? The basic belief in the female goddess and the male, the balance of the energies of life. It follows the lines of the old egyptian and sumarian beliefs or some go as far as bringing in the old Norse beliefs and charms and ritual practices. I just say it is modern druidism, harmless in itself and it promotes healthy lifestyles through the use of herbs and potions for the benefit of wholeness, but as with these things there is the negatives, potions can be made quite lethal, herbs can be used to achieve very disturbing results it is not an open belief, it is a discipline that requires secretness so it has a shadow of mistrust about it, whereas Christianity, lets for a moment forget gnostism and other cultish mumbo-jumbo, it is an open book from genesis through to revelations, anybody who wishes to know about it can just open the book read it. There is no hidden agenda, no "magic" potions, there is no attempt to dupe you. The priests, teachers are only human and their interpretation could lead to confusion but this is why you have eyes, ears and a brain you too can reflect upon passages, you too can pray and ask for understanding, the message is simple "love your neighbour, love yourself" God is love, so you love and through love you find God because God is love, simple! Only you can find God, someone might show you the way, but you have to do the going!