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Discussion 7 on Meditation 185
Mother's Love

by Reverend Roger A. Lareau

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In Meditation 185, Lynda Eyambe states:

(e.g. I'm 100% sure my mom loves me, I KNOW it even though I can't really prove it).

She states this as support for the "soft" Atheist view that 'say they can't prove it (THEY can't do it, but they are making no statements about the feasibility of manufacturing proof), but they are pretty sure (100% sure) there's nothing "out there".'

I know that when my mother was alive, she loved me and I could prove it. I asked her.

The problem I have with Atheists in general is the same problem with the other end of the spectrum...too much dedication to a cause where neither the pro or con can be validated. As an Agnostic, I admit I do not know and accept that. I can not be wrong, I am not saying there is, and I'm not saying there isn't.

If it were ever proven that there is or is not a God (or Gods), I still would not be wrong in my current statement of belief that "I don't know", because until otherwise proven... I don't know.

Unlike most analogies that involve true life, like your "mother's love" example, religious analogies still depend on faith, and can not be proven or at the least even checked.