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Discussion 5 on Meditation 185
Agnosticism & Atheism

by Jeff Hiatt

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Re: Meditation 185

Agnosticism stands on its own as a firm belief in not knowing and Apathetic Agnosticism expands that to not caring that we don't know. I think the hardest thing for people to grasp is that we don't know and we don't care so we aren't actually searching for the answer to the "where did we come from and why?" questions.

Let’s put this into a sort of parable. There is a metallic cube of an unknown substance 12" on each side weighing 1/2 pound. You see no way inside and there are no signs of welds or any method of manufacture. There is no sound when you shake it and any attempt to break into it is unsuccessful.

The Theists may say that it is hollow because it is light and yet it is unbreakable. Besides, it looks to them like it should be very heavy and it can’t possibly exist like this without being hollow. They believe all of this even though it appears to be a solid cube when visually examined. The fact that the cube is hollow makes it easier for them to believe that heavy looking cubes could actually being light.

The Atheists may say that it is solid because it appears to be solid. There is no evidence that can suggest that the cube is hollow other than the weight. But since the substance that makes up the cube is unknown they can easily suggest that the lightness of the cube is just a property of the unknown substance. The fact that the cube definitely appears to be solid makes them not want to jump to any other conclusions if it can’t be proven that the cube is hollow.

The Agnostic accepts the cube as it is without trying to figure out what it’s made of or what’s inside of it. There is no way of knowing what is inside without breaking the cube open and any attempts to do that so far have failed. It could be hollow, solid, or filled with some other unknown substance (which didn’t occur to the Theists or Atheists). The Apathetic Agnostic doesn’t care what’s inside the cube. They just know that nobody really knows!