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Discussion 3 on Meditation 179
Greek, not Latin

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from: Maarten van den Driest


I might be mistaken but as far as I know, the new testament was written in Greek, not in Latin. This might make a difference.


from: Phil van Bergen

Given the NT was written in Greek, would it not be 666 in Greek numerals, rather than Roman?

from: JT

Of course Maarten and Phil are correct that, to the best of current knowledge, The Revelation to John was written in Greek. However, as pointed out in Meditation 362, it is very possible that what was originally written was 616 rather than 666.

Perhaps Al's observation that the Latin form of 666 is DCLXVI, comprising all the Latin numerals from 500 down in descending order, may account in part for why the 666 interpretation won out. However, I am not aware of any scholarly souce for such an interpretation.