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Discussion 3 on Meditation 149
What constitutes a marriage?

by Anthony DeLucchi

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What constitutes a marriage?

What is the purpose of a marriage?

One could become quite tiresome in quoting examples of love pledges that have lasted a lifetime without the benefit of marriage. Many well adjusted individuals have come out of non-legal bindings.

Marriage for the purpose of legality of offspring is honourable. This just raises the question that someone born out of wedlock is as legally accountable for their actions as someone born within wedlock insofar as they exist, but the law will not recognise them as legal heirs to an estate. Bear with me, I am exploring something I have not actually given much thought to before.

So it would seem that I am jumping around without any point. The question I am asking is; let us define marriage. My own opinion of marriage, is a union between two people in the pursuit of raising a family. Now this is the operative term here, family, it would be tiresome of me to go through the motions of exacting a definition of family, familiarity, relative to, related to, borne of. The most sensible way of defining identity, of gaining a clear picture of who you are, is within a family group and this can only be achieved in the marriage of two people of opposite sex.

Who through the common purpose of liking each other, popularly known as love, decide to procreate and place their names on offspring, for better or worse. We now have a family group.

I have no qualms against two consenting adults making a calculated choice to live together for mutual benefit such as love or enjoyment or whatever makes you comb your hair, but I cannot agree with the judges decision :

"......It appears that no rational purpose exists for limiting marriage in this state to opposite sex partners... Simply put, same-sex marriage cannot be prohibited solely because California has always done so before."

Rational purpose? What is this? Rational purpose - define this for me. I might not be big enough in my breeches for the finer points of science, but law is no science and the definition of law is limited to the law itself and here I feel I am more than qualified.

Marriage first of all can be limited. Marriage can only be instituted between two people, otherwise I could marry my horse for all that means, rational purpose, for heavens sake! And two people, must logically mean two people of opposite sexes, for the purpose of marriage to be filled within the context of marriage, i.e. starting a family, then this marriage can only be limited to a male, and heaven forbid a female. Please understand marriage is not the sole property of Christianity, even agnostics marry and other religions also marry for the same reason Christians marry. To start families, you know, the birds and the bees stuff or must I draw pictures.

Same sex marriage?

To what end? Why?

This is a oxymoron.