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Discussion 2 on Meditation 119
Another disturbing pattern.

by: Thomas

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Prophecies have been used, for those in a struggling position, as the great escape or for forecasting the future.  What worries me the most, however, is the tendency I’ve seen to use them as a script.  Not only in personal actions, but it also used as an excuse for others' actions (or inaction) as well.

True prophecy (if such a thing exists) would not need to be enacted.  It would just happen.  Just because god said the world would be destroyed with fire does not mean that you should fire bomb the earth.  For that matter, you should not knowingly allow someone to fire bomb the earth, either.  In either case, god did not destroy the earth.. You did.

Too many times I have heard conversations about wars, worldwide violence, even global warming as just a part of the prophecy.  There is nothing we can do.  This disturbs me deeply.

Fellow non-believers, let us continue our constructive efforts to move the human race to its highest potential.  Believers, please let your god do his own destructive work.  Maybe you could even join with us to further the human race.  If god comes in and stops us all dead in our tracks, well ok.. you were right.  However, I would be willing to bet that we would get a lot further than if we all just sat around waiting for and contributing to our own demise. 

Cheers to the future!  Let us keep it a possibility, a probability even.