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Discussion 7 to Meditation 109
We will bring in new courts

by: Pauline Davis, The Peace Lady

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You wanted clarification on just what power I was referring to for the churches, I just want to cut the entire package in two parts.

Leave the present system as it stands and we will bring in new courts to deal with our own people.  This will not affect those outside.  They will still have their own institutions.

Jesus was known for his compassion and mercy on everyone and that will still be the rule. This will bring religious justice into the twenty-first century. 

I am aware of how the religious system works outside of Canada and it is time to improve it. If God intended it to be the same here He would not have given me this work for I too would have been stoned in the middle east.

This will eventually replace that which exists in the East for I go from Canada to Iraq and from there to Jerusalem. If a system is just the people themselves will want it.

Change must come for the Christians at least and this is it.