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Discussion 3 to Meditation 109
Comments on freewill

by: Pauline Davis, The Peace Lady

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I want to comment a little more on freewill. To begin with,  (here I will take the liberty to go by the book I believe in,) God created man in His own image, in the image of God made He them, male and female created He them and blessed them and gave them dominion over all the earth and everything in it. There is no mention of any name here for there were many.

This world has been here for a very long time. Science proves this to everyone's satisfaction but the church. The church only accepts from the creation of the garden of Eden and Adam and Eve which was just over 6,000 years ago and even that they have not got that right. If it does not make sense there is something wrong with the interpretation.

How about this?

Man is not perfect.  We are constantly growing and learning or should be. God knew this and ordered His angels to serve us.  Lucifer seeing our ignorance and destructiveness absolutely refused to bow down to anything so lowly as man and challenged God for control over us for a time due to time served. During which time He told God he would draw us all away from serving God.

Over time, God has often regretted creating us but continues to persevere. He accepted Lucifer's challenge and set up the garden of Eden as His answer. This has never been understood until now, even by myself.  God knew with the right leader and knowledge we as imperfect as we are would overthrow Lucifer's, now called Satan, control over this world.

The tree of knowledge was there from the beginning and it was Satan who decided we should have that information. all that remained was for us to continue to grow until we were ready to do it, a world of peace over a world of force.

Today there are just a few people who have been robbing God of billions of dollars for their own lifestyles. This money has been given willingly to them from the believers who think they are serving God by doing so.  It is a very profitable business so they are not about to give it up easily. The early Christians shared everything with each other. Todays Christians are strangers for the most part who believe they are serving God by throwing their money into the wind without any accountability. How does the purchase of a 10 million dollar airplane serve God?

Politicians also spend money wastefully.  340 million dollars a day to support the war in Iraq, A war that God could end immediately if we asked Him too.  You see, if believers were to listen here where it is safe to do so, we could set up Christ's government and this would deal with all believers and we could no longer go against each other as we do now.  Such a government would be safe to be born in Canada and then carried to Iraq where the religious fanatics believe they are serving God. If man refuses to listen here, why would we expect them too in a country where their lives would be at stake?

We have the freedom and the safety to begin something and yet we do not.  We still have the false illusion of weapons being the answer to the world's problems. Weapons just bring more weapons and now with nuclear weapons the playing field has become equal. There is no longer a super power, just super weapons. So much for this scenario, your imagination can do the rest. A nation that has nothing to lose is very dangerous indeed.

The reason Bush ran on about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is The United States supplied them with the governments blessing when Iraq was at war with Iran. They did not think the day would come when they might be used against them. we learned later they did not exist any longer but the American government used that propaganda for the American people because the general population was beginning to question their government policies where they had always accepted as gospel anything coming from the Whitehouse.

This tactic was no more than a great smokescreen to occupy the people's mind making them incapable of thinking clearly and ready to swallow anything out of the president's mouth.  This is slowly changing by willing sacrifice of young blood for the governments ideals. End for this point.

As for your reference about the four corners of the earth in a cube, I arrived at this from my own thinking. Hope I have covered everything for now.