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Discussion 1 to Meditation 106
It's impossible to prove a god exists.

by Rev. Joseph McCain

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I don't care for the argument about a supreme being being unprovable that is presented here. The author assumes that any future events that could be deemed supernatural will be explained at a later date. Assumptions (that are not presented as theories, which means the person throwing out the theory is acknowledging it could be wrong) are matters of faith and my favorite way of defining agnostics is those without faith in the matter of god (the concept of not knowing if a god exists follows from that statement)

I claim that with the evidence currently available to humanity, it's impossible to prove a god exists. I'm not prepared to say that nothing could ever happen that would shake me on that idea, but I am prepared to say that I will never "believe" there is a god. If a god presents itself, I will then know a god exists, faith wouldn't come into play.