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Camp Quest Continues

by: JT

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It's been about 7 years since Len Zanger wrote about Camp Quest. I was recently reminded about this "Secular Summer Camp" by an article in the 16 July 2009 edition of The Economist in which it got a full page write-up. It's really a positive review.

For a short time, non-subscribers should be able to read the article here (Economist subscribers will be able to view it for years)

Glad to be Godless

For those looking for a summer camp next year for their children (or a winter camp in Florida this year), Camp Quest looks to be a good choice. And it is slowly but steadily expanding.

Camp Quest (main site)

Camps are currently located in the USA in Ohio, the Smoky Mountains, Minnesota, Michigan, California, and Florida; in Ontarion, Canada, and in the UK.