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Still using "sex" to sell nonsense.

by: JT

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After their claims of producing the first cloned human baby evaporated into thin air over ten years ago, the Raelian movement seemed to disappear the same way, other than a momentary return to public consciousness through a "Women of Rael" spread in Playboy about a year later.

Apparently they are still carrying on, though with a somewhat lower profile. But the nonsense remains the same -- other than the Raelians currently claim they have nothing to do with any cloned baby experiments -- a claim which is inconsistent with the publicity they actively sought in 2003.

They are still reported to be the world's largest UFO religion - probably because Scientology tries to pretend it is not a UFO religion. They raised their claimed membership numbers to 85,000 as of 2011. I still suspect number inflation.

Now they run seminars and "Happiness Academies" and teach "sensual meditation." I'm pretty sure it's the offer of "sensual" that gets most people to to part with their money.

Carrie Poppy, who has a CSI blog, Poppycock went undercover to see what goes on in Raelianism today. So far, two articles have been published with a third on the way.

Be Happy If You Want To: How I Became a Raëlian (Part One)

Be Happy If You Want To: How I Became a Raëlian (Part Two)


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