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Discussion 2 to Meditation 72
Publicly Testing a Psychic Prediction - Part 2

A follow-up to Meditation 72

by JT

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Well, I have to admit that Mr Carr got his "psychic" prediction that Catherine Zeta-Jones would win an Oscar correct - she won in the best supporting actress category.

Does this prove anything about his psychic powers? No. It is just one of those rare instances in which he was successful in a prediction. And my single non-psychic prediction that Nicole Kidman would win as best actress was equally successful. And my prediction was more specific, I picked a category.

In both cases, these are just semi-educated guesses about the future that happened to turn out to be correct. Just luck in both cases. And overall, his success rate in testable predictions is abyssmal.

You might say given my own success in published predictions (see also Meditation 6) that I have psychic powers that I am unaware of. I don't think so. If I had psychic powers myself, I would have highlighted in advance his other published "psychic" Oscar prediction (Calgary Sun - March 2, 2003) - that Renee Zellweger would win the best actress award. That would have served better in this attempt to debunk Mr Carr. That forecast is more typical of his psychic success rate.