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Discussion 1 to Meditation 72
Publicly Testing a Psychic Prediction

A follow-up to Meditation 72

by JT

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To the best of my knowledge, Anthony Carr never used his column to comment on or apologize for his gross error with respect to the late Richard Harris. Of course to admit error would undermine any claim of psychic ability.

But, let's give him a chance to redeem himself as a psychic.

In his column of 26 January 2003 in the Calgary Sun, he makes the following forecast for the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones: "Prediction: She didn't get the Golden Globe, but I see an Oscar ahead for her Chicago appearance."

Well, that's a prediction [1] that can be tested in the reasonably near future.

But just to balance things off, I will make a more specific prediction [2] - with the handicap that I am using absolutely none of my non-existent psychic powers. My prediction is that the Oscar for Best Actress goes to Nicole Kidman.

Watch this discussion for my further comments after the Oscars.



  1. Grammatically, what Carr is predicting is not an Oscar for Ms. Zeta-Jones, but that he "sees" her get an Oscar, so essentially he is predicting that he will have a psychic vision of her getting an Oscar. But, for the sake of having a testable prediction, we will ignore the weasel words and assume he is truly predicting an Oscar for her appearance in Chicago. Please note that he has not had the psychic courage, prior to nominations, to predict whether the predicted award will be for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress (there are good reasons for her to get a nomination in either category.)
  2. This unpsychic prediction made 26 January 2003, and published in the 31 January 2003 site update.