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Discussion 2 to Meditation 61
Does this apology really mean anything?

by: JT

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Obviously I cannot speak for Kevin Carnes, to whom Candy's apology was directed, but can Candy really apologize for the wrong done unto Kevin?

I'm not questioning her sincerity here. She really does feel badly for the way he was treated by his church. But just because she is a Christian, does she have the right or the duty to apologize for the actions of a Christian sect to which she does not belong?

It seems to me that she can state that, in her opinion, the actions of this group were contrary to her view of Christianity. She could also state that the actions were contrary to the views of the vast majority of Christians. She can express her regret that a group calling themselves Christian could act this way.

But still, how can she say:

"on behalf of the church who didn't keep your confidentiality and for gossiping, or any of the bitterness you have, I ask that you forgive me?"

I suggest that Candy has done nothing in this case to require forgiveness, and if I was in this situation I could not honestly grant her request. If Kevin wants to forgive, (and forgiveness is a virtue regardless of religious beliefs even if no apology is proffered) then it should be directed at those who did the wrong.

Further, it is highly probable that the group who wronged Kevin do not feel they have done anything wrong; they would not agree to this apology on their behalf.

Candy has good intentions and is acting in accordance with her beliefs. But does this apology really mean anything?