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Discussion 1 to Meditation 61
Please accept my apologies

by: Candy

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Listen, I was just browsing the internet on forgiveness and came across this article. I pray this is read by the person who wrote it.

I live my life devoted to God. I don't know that church or the situation. But on behalf of the church who didn't keep your confidentiality and for gossiping, or any of the bitterness you have, I ask that you forgive me?

You only are responsible to God to give account for your actions on judgement day. God said to you "forgive and you will be forgiven". Lay all your hurts down at His feet. "Am I not bigger than any situation" says God? "I love you and have never forsaken or left you, even when you thought I wasn't there I was there."

You ran. His arms are always open for you. Lower your expectation of man and raise your expectation of God. He desires a relationship with you and will take you as you are. Repentance and forgiveness are important. He wants your heart, He wants to refine you on His timing. He loves you and wants a personal relationship with you. No one is perfect.

Again I don't know the situation.  I just wanted to ask for forgiveness on behalf of your offense! I will keep you in my prayers.

God bless you.