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Discussion 2 to Meditation 56
But does it make sense?

from: Maarten van den Driest

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Moe wrote:

"You are free to believe what you want and so am I."

I very much doubt that. Certainly even from a liberal Christian viewpoint, people aren't free to just believe whatever they want.

It reminds me of a particular sketch (by the Dutch comic Herman Finkers) in which someone claims to believe that Jesus Christ was 'taken down' to Heaven. On being countered that it should be 'taken up', he replied: "That may be, but this is what I believe."

In a literal sense, everyone really is free to go and believe three impossible things before breakfast but that makes so little sense as to make no odds. I am free to believe the Bible is green, that smoking is good for my health or that all muslims plot against me personally. But does it make sense?

Moe writes that 'bad' things always happen for a reason. He is quite free to believe that but I would ask him which. In India, a girl was born, quite recently, with her beating heart in her hand. She has since died. Why?

It is ridiculously easy to claim that 'God has His reasons' and we are not to doubt Him. However, that is not 'for a reason'. That is basically the same as saying 'oh, there must be a reason somewhere but I can't be bothered to think about it.' Just as saying 'everyone is free to believe whatever' is the same as not bothering to back anything up.

"If you ever read the Bible, you would know all of the answers to those questions."

Enlighten me. I have actually read the Bible quite a lot and still don't see it. You talk the Christian talk, Moe, but do you walk the walk?

It seems to me you were saved by putting your fingers in your ears and shutting your eyes very tightly.