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Discussion 6 to Meditation 53
Further comments on Meditation 53

by Harvey Sande

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I don't wish to even begin to consider which is the worst sin. That is obvious to anyone not mentally hobbled by Catholic dogma.

My concern is with the terms used when discussing a deviant priest, telling a child, "This is God's will and it's OK", while cornholing him. For those not familiar with the term, it means f**king the child in his ass. Does my language offend you? Do you feel that 'child molestation' or 'sexual abuse' even begins to adequately convey the monstrous behavior being forced on a child who is trying to serve God, to save his soul? I angrily disagree. The sick bastard also forces the child to suck his **ck, (which word did you think of?), or allow him to suck the child's.

Didn't the church get caught moving these assholes from parish to parish about 30 years ago, and supposedly remedy the situation? I'd confidently bet everything that keeps resurfacing in this country has been common churchwide since the long ago decision forbidding priests to marry, the purpose of which was to stop clergy from giving church property to their offspring. I don't think Ms. Woodall (discussion #3) is far wrong that the altarboys may have been provided for the practice that has befallen so many. We know that when it happened, the church hierarchy pretty much ignored it.

What I find appalling is that church members, and Protestants, too (same God, same trinity) worship merrily along, never considering the fact that their omnipotent, merciful God also turned his head. Do you suppose any of the children ever prayed for the practice to stop? No, probably not. Neither did any Jews in Germany. How brainwashed does one have to be to achieve this level of denial?