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Discussion 8 to Meditation 48
Christian Wahabism

by: JT

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Schools in Saudi Arabia are the responsibility of religious authorities, and they are all followers of the Hanbalism[1] school of Islam, better known in the west as Wahabism. Until two years ago, it was taught to all Saudi schoolchildren as part of the standard curriculum that those who call themselves scientists were not, because science involved worldly matters. The only true scientists were those devoted to studying Allah, and who consequently properly feared him.

I read Roger W. Hancock's comments on the Dover, Pennsylvania court decision in which he claims with absolute confidence "Science began with the premise that all was created by God and that man had only to discover the principles God set in motion" and what I see is nothing different from the teachings of Hanbalism or Wahabism. It is just an expression of fundamentalism at its blindest most wilful ignorance.



  1. Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Hanbal (780 - 855) was among the great Muslim scholars and theologians. He is the founder of the Hanbali school, the most puritan of the four main streams of Islam thought.
  2. Muhammad ibn-Abd-al-Wahab (1703–1792), Muslim scholar founded school of thought based on Hanbalism and allied himself with the Saud family which eventually conquered the country known as Saudi Arabian kingdom, and in return, his theology became the official and the only permitted religion.