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Discussion 5 to Meditation 48
Modern science does not have a religious agenda

by: Maarten van den Driest

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The text of the US constitution can undoubtedly be found easily enough on the web.

I will not try to interpret it now, especially speaking from another country. I would like to ask Roger Hancock why exactly he uses quotes.

Regarding the US constitution, an exact quote seems to be required as Mr. Hancock points out the phrase 'seperation of church and state' is not present in the text. My guess is that the concept of seperation of church and state was referred to here and that the constitution reflects that concept in formal wording.

Roger then turns around and makes a distinction between Science and Modern Science. This particular distinction is entirely new to me.

Of course this is all a question of definitions. However, Modern Science does not have 'an agenda'. Scientists ignore the existence of any deity in their work, they don't plot to destroy christianity. They are far too busy for that.

What irritates me is that, in order to make his point, Roger resets basically the entire framework of science and that without any explanation. After that, complaining about inexact quotes from the US Constitution seems to be rather childish.