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Discussion 1 to Meditation 45
Theism and Atheism

By José Arturo Enríquez

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I know it's a bit silly to use dictionary definitions, but this allows me to frame my rebuttal better. From Wikipedia: Theism is the belief in one or more gods or goddesses. More specifically, it may also mean the belief in God, a god, or gods, who is/are actively involved in maintaining the Universe.

I once thought like you, until I got in contact with Judy Hayes when she was still available. You are confusing a-theist (a non-theist, someone who has no reasons so far to be a theist, so takes no steps towards incorporating into any of the schemes of theism). What most people think of the term "atheist", could be better refered to as "anti-theist", someone who is convinced that there is proof that no god is possible and "religiously" sticks to her/his point of view, regardless of the lack of evidence in that direction.