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Discussion 36 to Meditation 38
Fails completely to address the challenge

by: JT

To add to this exchange of views (or any other,) please use the Contact form. This discussion has been continued.

For someone so desirous of receiving a doctorate from IUN, you seem remarkably inept in meeting the basic requirement. In my response to your earlier unsubstantiated requests for a doctorate, I stated:

Now, for this particular challenge, the requirement was:

I'm sorry, but you've totally failed to meet that challenge. You also apparently failed to read the existing discussion items where these tired "proofs" that you provide are exposed as proving nothing about the actual existence of Jesus. I'm not going waste my time repeating what has already been said to debunk your sources in the earlier discussion - you can find that out by actually taking the time to read the discussion yourself - if you can be bothered.

Instead of flooding me with articles on numerous issues - most of which remain to be considered for publication - I suggest you take your time and think about what you are submitting. Send in less - but make it better written and more importantly, better thought out. And if you are responding to one of our challenges, make sure you understand what you are responding to.