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Discussion 32 to Meditation 38
"Evidence Demands A Verdict"

by: Jay

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Try "Evidence Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell. Previously he was an atheist.

For me, it was difficult to come to terms with the historical evidence because evidence to me is scientific evidence (and it's kind of hard to prove a historical event scientifically)

I realized the flaw in my thinking reading an article in Scientific American. The article was about a man who set down on a plane next to a guy wearing the same business suit, carrying the same brief case. They started talking and realized they drove the same car parked in the same row in the airport parking lot.

That was when I realized that how improbable does something have to be before it is by design. How much evidence is enough before you're 100% sure?

In the bible, you have the testimony of a lot of people who witnessed the events. They were sure enough to be ostrasized from their community or to even die. And there were a lot of people in power trying to prove otherwise. Yet the stories persisted.