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Discussion 30 to Meditation 38
Interesting perhaps, but still it is gross misinformation

by JT

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Perhaps you should have read the immediate response to Billy's article.

You would then have discovered that his prime reference was a 19th century book which falsely claimed to be based on ancient Jewish texts.

The "Archko Volume" or the "Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrin and Talmuds of the Jews" is a forgery, pure and simple. It has no historical value except as evidence of the gullibility of those grasping at straws for non-Biblical evidence of Jesus's existence.

Given that parts of the text were copied verbatim from the novel Ben Hur, there is no logical reason why this fraud should continue to be used as a reference by any intelligent Christian.

So, the reason that you cannot find any reference to Caponius and the Sanhedrin is because you have been fortunate enough not to discover the Archko Volume. I suggest you waste no more time on the fictions of Billy's article.