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Discussion 27 to Meditation 38
Re: Proof for an existence of God

by Hugo

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Dear Preston Lange,

You offer the complexities of the universe and life as proofs of god's existence; "for evolution to work without some sort of all-powerful guidance leaves entirely too much to chance". I.e. there must be a god to design the world. However, the fundamental mechanism of evolution, natural selection, relies entirely on chance. Random mutations cause some animals to be slightly different from their parents. If these mutations are helpful, the animal has a higher chance of survival, and can pass his improved, evolved genes on to future generations. If the mutations are disadvantageous, the animal is more likely to be killed. Thus, through a very simple, random process, animals can evolve into more complex ones.

Through entirely random mutations, it is possible for amoebae to evolve within generations into complex more animals.

"The human eye has almost an innumerable number of systems that must be in place for it function properly". Again, as above, it is not inconceivable that light sensitive cells could evolve into the human eye.

A common argument for the necessity of a creator to trigger the Big Bang is that if certain variables were slightly different (such as force of the explosion, the atomic weight of different elements), then the explosion would not be powerful enough and gravity would pull the natal universe right back in. However, this does not mean that a creator is a necessity - it could be entirely chance (I think it is). There could have been many "failed universes" before ours. (There could be many other, very different universes in other dimensions. We do not know.)

Your variation - "if the earth were just 50 miles closer to or further away from the sun we would burn up or freeze respectively" - assumes that Humanity is important. Indeed, if the earth's orbit was several thousand miles different, life may not have started on earth. So what? It may be entirely chance that life started at all (I think it is). Assuming that our world is "optimum" is a meaningless assumption. It could have been very different.

God could be considered the guiding force behind all the natural laws that govern the universe. But these laws would function as they do with or without a god. If God doesn't intervene (and there is absolutely no evidence that he does), it makes no difference whether he exists or not. This is the Second Article of Faith of the UCTAA: "If there is a Supreme Being, then that being appears to act as if apathetic to events in our universe."

You then cite the success of the early Christian church and the zealousness of its followers (many martyred) as strong evidence for the truth of Christianity. This is simply no evidence at all.

"It’s sad that in a world where a corroborating witness is enough to condemn a man to death or take away his freedom, the same does not apply to religion and faith." I agree. It's sad that "corroborating witness", evidence or flawless reason does not seem to apply to religion and faith.