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Discussion 23 to Meditation 38
Re: The Shroud of Turin

by JT

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Thank you for your comments and the link.

They will be added to the Debate and Discourse section of the web site on the next update.

But does this information constitute "proof" of Christ?

I don't think so. The link you provided, with its selective approach to science, only manages to conclude that "The Shroud of Turin is a genuine artifact of a first century Roman crucifixion of an adult Jewish male." As such, even if the Shroud of Turin is genuine, there is still no conclusive link to the biblical Christ.

As to the authenticity of the shroud itself, I question whether the article presents an unbiased scientific view - I suggest a visit to the parent site "historian.net" will show the predetermined view of the author. Of course if your objective is to purchase the original ten commandments on papyrus, then historian.net is the place for you.

For anyone interested in forming an opinion on the shroud, here are several links with perhaps less of a bias than historian.net.