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Discussion 20 to Meditation 38
Re: The Historicity of Jesus & Socrates

by Chris Morgan

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You have hit the nail on the head, extraordinary claims are made for Christ, and they are extraordinary enough that they would have been noted within his lifetime. So extraordinary are these claims that millions of people of world-wide put their faith in a man they have never (physically) met, and that lived an almost (historically) non-existant life. How can his life be anything other than fiction?

Maybe there are a few people who base their lives on Socrates (or Plato's version of him), maybe even hundreds, but not millions. And these millions base their faith on somebody who amounts, in a secular sense, to little more than a peasant preacher, in comparison with Socrates cultured greek philospher.

Wether or not Christ's existence can ever be proved historically (beyond reasonable doubt) I think its a pretty good CV for anybody to have!

May you find all that you seek,

God bless.