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Discussion 7 to Meditation 38
On Meditation 38

by Donna Dixon Woodall

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Whether Jesus actually existed or not (Meditation 38) isn't relevant to the question of his designation as the son of God.

Every culture has its history of its creation and the basis for the cultural ideology.

These explanations for ancient peoples, to explain the workings of their environment, why the sun comes up, why it rains, how to heal the sick, all the aspects necessary to have a knowledge to explain what and why, is inherent in humans.

The need of some to believe that there is someone in control, is an emotional need that isn't found in everyone. Some don't fear living without the feeling of total control. For others, the aspect of being out of control of their situation is not acceptable, and they satiated this need by the creation of a higher being, that IS able to control what they can't.

Today, there is the segment that needs comforting belief of not being adrift and susceptible to whatever comes their way, and those who are not uncomfortable with the aspect of surprises around the corner, or the excitement of a new experience.

This emotional function, is the product of the biology and life experiences of each individual. The child growing up in fear, abused, and feeling unprotected, is deficient in self esteem and confidence, and seeks reassurance in the idea of a protector.

The child who has confidence and surety of being able to accommodate anything that occurs, isn't one who seeks a reason to have security. They seek thrills and adventures, and are open to new, unmapped ideas and territory...

The biological makeup is tremendously powerful in it's impact on what each being is obliged to make time and energy to fill the voids within their emotional makeup, and the chemical and physical makeup, along with the environment and experiences they have, are the part and parcel of their building block personality.

Too often, we find the idea that everything fit one mold is seen as necessary, and the idea of accepting different, perhaps contradictory beliefs to their beliefs is threatening and obligated to be eliminated.

Psychology is so maligned, when it's merely science and a documentable state, that isn't static or definitive due to it's invisible triggers that aren't consistent, or even known, and the ethereal state of seeming non existent.

If you can't SEE it, some won't believe it.