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Discussion 6 to Meditation 38
On the Historical Evidence for Jesus

by Jack Lanham

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Re: JT's reply

Thanks for your response. I do agree with your position. I didn't intend to imply that I believed that it proved anything. Certainly not that Jesus was divine. It is the only evidence that Armstrong used to show that there was a Jesus or Christus. There is certainly no indication that any of them thought that Jesus was divine.

As far as The Worldwide Church of God being non-denominational is concerned that was my impression at the time. I don't recall that he ever made mention of it.

How anyone can believe in the star of Bethlehem is beyond me. Even if all the planets aligned at the same time they would not have stayed that way long enough for them to guide anyone to Bethlehem.

As with all of the other stars, it would appear to rise in the east and set in the west unless it was a pole star which would lead nowhere.

In general it is my belief that should there be an omnipotent being, we do not have to capacity to understand it any more than we can understand what it would be like to be in the center of a nuclear blast. We wouldn't be able to survive it in order to understand it. We cannot understand how a being could create a star much else galaxies and universes. In any event, there is no verifiable proof that any divine being does or ever has existed.

What I am interested in is the almost universal acceptance that there is one or more omnipotent beings that created everything. These beliefs have been around since recorded history and do not seem to going away. They vary from time to time and place to place but continue unabated.