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Discussion 2 to Meditation 22
April 2005 Search String Statistics


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I recently checked to see what search items were bringing people to the site to see if things had changed since 2001. Here are the top ten referral search strings for the month of April 2005:

  1. Popeye (19%)
  2. agnostic
  3. rapture
  4. Fred Phelps
  5. Pope
  6. apathetic agnostic
  7. What religion am I
  8. atheist singles
  9. same sex parenting
  10. To an athlete dying young

The high ranking of Popeye - representing nearly a fifth of all those brought in from a search engine - shows that popular cultural references continue to be successful in bringing in visitors. The surprising thing is that our Church of Popeye page does not appear in Google's top 200 Popeye sites. Whoever is visiting is doing deep research on the old spinach eater.

The second through ninth items are topics that we address. I suspect we are giving most visitors what they are looking for.

And as for the 10th item - I'm happy to have helped out with poetry assignments.

And as for Ms. Spears, Ms. Paltrow and nude - well they have disappeared entirely from the top 20. If anyone is still visiting the site from searching those words, they represent less than a quarter of one percent.