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Discussion 3 to Meditation 21
Why people believe in (a) god.

by Art Haykin

re: Meditation 21

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To begin, over a billion do not, according to "Christian" statistics, and of the remaining 5 billion, "god" is all but irrelevant except for a TINY handful.

People have always done pretty much as they damn well please pursuing Mammon, power, sex, and chocolate, and you well know it. Your piece is quintessential Jesuitical Casuistry: first you "divine" an answer to and unknowable question, THEN you shamelessly cook the books to make it all congenial to your skewed point of view. The only thing genetically "wired" into humans is abject stupidity. Well, you may impress the benighted unwashed, but NOT thinking people. Your premise is not only not right, it isn't ever wrong!!! It's utter claptrap.