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Discussion 2 to Meditation 21
Commentary on Meditation 21

by Honey-Lee McLoughlin-Thompson

re: Meditation 21

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If God wasn't there to start with he would have been invented.

It is possible, that due to human need to explain things around them and a certain amount of not wanting responsibility for their own actions, "God" was created by humanity as a fancy form of scapegoat. God is effectively something outside ourselves that can be blamed when things go wrong and appealed to so as to make things better. Someone that can be responsible for both bad and good fortune (or luck) and take the onus from ourselves to examine things closely (God deemed it therefore...). "God" also gives people a set of simple explanations for the world around us (e.g. I don't understand Physics - therefore the big words used to explain the Big Bang don't make sense to me. Therefore it is easier to think the whole thing was made out of moulding clay by a big bloke with a white beard sitting on nothing)