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Discussion 9 to Meditation 20
Biblical dating

By Phillip Dahl

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I was just looking around the site as I often like to do since I joined, and happened to stumble across Meditation 20. I then remembered an interesting point given to me by a friend a few weeks ago. It was that it is impossible to actually use the Bible to date the Earth. After all, it never states how long the first three days were, when the only difference between day and night was darkness and light. So for all we really now, it could have been thousands of years in those three days. Especially if that old saying 'a year is the blink of an eye to God' really is true.

Also, we must remember that our twenty-four hour days were not made until the 13th century. So perhaps, if God really does exist, he decided to change lengths of days at some point, with his infinite power. And although it tells how old everyone was when they produced children, how do we know how long years were back then? The calendar has changed many times over the course of history. So it seems we cannot know if the Bible is right or wrong, or just misinformed.