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Discussion 4 to Meditation 20
Answers in Genesis

By Joe F.

To add to this discussion (or any other,) please use the Contact form. This exchange of views has been continued.

Concerning Meditation 20, which, much like the one Bruce Boekel you cited there in a 2002 update, I came upon this site in a search for further information on Ussher. I have read and agree with an article concerning Ussher's scholarship on the Divided Kingdom, found at the Answers in Genesis site:

Ussher’s Time Line for the Divided Kingdom

While this doesn't tackle the "age of everything", I believe the scholarship of this article (and ultimately the scholarship of Ussher himself) on the D.K. issue to be solid and correct. However, I have yet to read anything by Ussher concerning the date for the beginning of creation, and if you could send a link or info to me that would be great. Finding Ussher to be correct on the D.K. issue, might it not also be possible that he's correct, or at least close to, the year of creation (minus the specific month or day that is cited from him in Meditation 20)?

Furthermore, I take it you, as well as myself and many others, undoubtedly believe in the fallibility of humans. Let's say, then, that even if Ussher is completely wrong in his findings, might there be a problem with the human, not the source material (the Bible) he was working with? (and here, I take the assumption that the Bible is divinely inspired and thus innerant, written by humans guided by the Holy Spirit--see Daniel 1:17, Jeremiah 1:2-9, Matthew 3:18-22 and 10:1, Mark 3:13-19 for examples).

Anyway, I'm sorry for the rather long comment. Thank you for your time, it's much appreciated.