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Discussion 3 to Meditation 17
Celebrating, but not Christmas

by: G.D. Jewell II

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At risk of offending some(which is the farthest thing from my mind), I would like to say a few words on this issue. I think that due to the very nature of who I am and what I believe (or better yet what I choose not to believe) it would be a bit hypocritical to say I celebrate "Christmas".

I am not saying that I do not celebrate on Dec. 25th, I just do not celebrate Christmas as such. As far as putting up a tree and decorating it, I will say this: even without knowing if, or caring if, God exists, I do know that trees are growing and that stars are burning and sparkling in the sky. Just a change of perception and my holiday is still decorated. I am celebrating the gathering of my family and friends and celebrating life. So yes, I do celebrate on the same day as the relgious holiday of Christmas It is more of a convenience since almost everyone is already off from their jobs and schools on that day.

Wishing you all much unknowing and apathy during the holidays and new year.

G.D. Jewell II